Join Native host Briana Kurtz as she explores the lesser known facets of the gastronomic capital of the world - Paris! On the line with guest Camille Bégin, a Parisian native and author, the two discuss the community gardens of the city of lights and how such projects are evolving. Navigating the rules and regulations of a community garden, Camille shares that there are presently over one hundred community gardens that are open to the public. After the break, Briana chats with Camille regarding her upcoming book, "Taste of the Nation: the New Deal Search for America’s Food" and related research. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"When the city started being open to helping the birth of these gardens, people in all sorts of neighborhoods said 'we want to do this as well, we want a community garden!'" [4:26]

--Camille Bégin on Native