Pasty Chefs unite! On a special Community Session, Erin Fairbanks sits down and chats with Jansen Chan, Director of Pastry Operations at the International Culinary Center and recent graduate Emily Crescione. Hear them re-tell their culinary journeys that eventually landed them in the world of pastry and find out why it’s such an exciting world to be in! Get some insight into the practices and techniques of good pastry chefs, and learn how the program at the International Culinary Center helps build real life skill sets for the kitchen. This program was sponsored by Rolling Press. The music in this program was provided courtesy of EULA.


“I never thought baking and pastry could be something you could have a career in!” [03:05]

“The techniques we teach you are available everywhere. We’re just compressing a world of pastry knowledge into a 600 hour program in the neatest, simplest, prettiest way you’d be able to ascertain” [30:00]

–Jansen Chan, Director of Pastry Operations at International Culinary Center on

“Everything I learned in school has given me the confidence to do what I’m doing now.” [09:45]

“In pastry, if you don’t put the ingredients exactly how they’re supposed to be – it just won’t come out right.” [24:40]

–Emily Crescione on