Today’s episode probes the gastronomically risky and cozies up to danger. As the veneer of safety is dismissed, dicey aspects of the culinary are revealed. Whether it's toxic meals, politics in the kitchen, or environmentally devastating husbandry—one thing is clear: food is no simple matter when caution is breached.

Nina Medvinskaya visits a Michelin-starred restaurant to investigate why people risk their lives for a taste of fish: it's all about the blowfish at Suzuki.

Kevin Wheeler talks to an undocumented restaurant owner to examine what it's like to work in hospitality while battling political hostility.

Dylan Heuer challenges the ethos of livestock production by honing in on its environmentally devastating effects.

And Ariama Long reminds us of the value in preserving our food heritage lest we forget our culture.

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Photo via Dave Ginsberg.