This week on Petrition, Celia Kutcher sits down with Julia Szabo. Julia Szabo, nationally recognized Pet Reporter and animal health advocate, produced the popular "Pets" column in the New York Post for eleven years. A self-styled K9 life extension specialist and "Pet Wellness Watchdog," she's the author of seven books, including Medicine Dog (a mashup of dog memoir and medical memoir, coming in March 2014 from Lyons Press). Julia is the Health Editor of the online community and a frequent contributor to, and pens the blog Dog is My Doctor. Tune into this episode to hear about Julia's initial job in pet reporting. Find out how a medical incident with her dog taught her about herbal and natural remedies like milk thistle and hawthorne. Hear how a serious gastrointestinal disease caused Julia to take better notice of her own health! In what ways has veterinary medicine surpassed human medicine? Find out all of this and more on this week's edition of Petrition! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market. Today's break music has been provided by Idgy Dean.

"I sort of became a bit of a renegade. When I was treating dogs that I had rescued with Heartworm Disease, I would slip them hawthorne... I thought it was important to treat their hearts in that condition." [10:20]

"When you walk your dog, their snouts are right at the level of the exhaust pipes of the car!" [12:00]

-- Julia Szabo on Petrition