On this installment of Petrition, Celia Kutcher is talking raw food pet diets with Amy Lubinski. Amy is a native Texan who has always had a love and curiosity about animals of all sizes. She grew up on the hunter/jumper circuit, showing horses throughout the South and South East before concentrating on college. After graduating from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, she moved to NYC to work in advertising. Several years in a "cube" made her realize advertising wasn't her passion and made a career change in order to work with animals and the people who love and care for them. After several years in the general practice world of veterinary medicine, she recently moved back to NYC from Chicago to accept a position with Bluepearl Veterinary Partners, managing a 24-hour emergency and specialty hospital in Brooklyn. Learn everything about what raw proteins are suitable for dogs and cats, and whether raw foods need supplementation. Is a raw diet for your pet cost prohibitive? Is a raw food diet actually safe? Find out all of this and more on this edition of Petrition! Thanks to our sponsor, BluePrint Cleanse. Music provided by Obey City.

"The nice thing about getting into raw food now as opposed to ten years ago is that now the commercial companies are getting into it; they realize that's what people are wanting." [9:00]

-- Amy Lubinski on Petrition