On this edition of Petrition, Celia Kutcher is talking dog training with Denise Herman! Denise has been training dogs since before the turn-of-the-century.She graduated valedictorian from the SF Academy for Dog Trainers in 1999 and opened Empire of the Dog in Brooklyn, New York in the year 2000. Empire of the Dog specializes in family-friendly pet dog training and their motto is "World Domination through R+". Denise has an iPhone and iPod app (via iTunes) called Positively Dog Training and has written 2 e-books, as well. At this time she enjoys training specialty classes like Frisbee Skateboarding and "Urban Agility." What's the role of food in dog training? How does Denise use puzzles to train dogs? Find out on this installment of Petrition! Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve. Music provided by Pamela Royal.

"I have a lot of empathy for dogs because they are forced to live in our world with our rules. And I think that's kind of sad! So I try to help them with that." [14:05]

-- Denise Herman on Petrition