Pooja’s interest in cooking started as a child in North Carolina, watching the early versions of cooking shows on television and then trying to recreate the recipes in the kitchen herself. Though she pursued other interests in fair and affordable housing through the non-profit sector, she continued to follow her ice cream-making hobby. She was particularly inspired by the blank palate of an ice cream base, when she discovered that the same spices of her parents’ Indian cooking – ginger, rose petals, saffron, and cardamom - could be used to robustly flavor ice creams in a way that she never tasted before. Join us for a discussion of Pooja's process and creativity in building an ice cream brand that's innovative and true to her culinary roots.

Photo by Morgan Ione Yeager, commerical photography, advertising photography, NYC food Photographer, product photographer, ice cream photography, Malai Ice Cream

Photo by Morgan Ione Yeager

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