This week on Fuhmentaboudit, get ready for some real cider insight from cidermaking heavyweights Steve Woods & Louisa Spencer of Poverty Lane Orchards & Farnum Hill Cider. They explain how the US wine industry helped cider makers, why almost all the good cider apples still lack something, and what most people get wrong when it comes to cider. This is an incredible behind the curtains look at a blossoming agricultural and beverage revolution! 

"Variety is a noun and the cider people should not adopt the great affection as using the word varietal as a noun - it's a bloody adjective." [23:00]

Most of these [apple] varieties have been propagated because of what they brought to a blended cider...almost every good cider apple is lacking something. All the bittersweets are short on acid, you need to find an acidic variety that will blend well with them." [25:00]