This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is joined in the studio by Ryan Burk, Tom Oliver, John Reynolds and BR Rolya to talk about all things cider.

Beer Sessions 9:13:16

Ryan Burk currently heads up Angry Orchard's new experimental orchard-cidery-visitor center in Walden, NY. There, he's crafting small batch ciders to test out new recipes, ingredients and techniques, and to push the boundaries of barrel aging and wild fermentation.

His encounter with Tom Oliver’s Herefordshire Dry Cider, a dry barrel-fermented cider, opened his eyes to what cider could be. Nine years later and with Tom’s mentorship, Ryan is experimenting with growing bittersweet varieties, blending, aging, and wild fermentation - enhancing the quality of cider that may be associated with Angry Orchard.

Tom Oliver and BR Rolya both represent Shelton Brothers, while John Reynolds is in on behalf of Blackduck Cidery in Finger Lakes, New York. The consensus in this group: cider deserves a spot at the food and drink pairing table, no matter where you're drinking.