Today on Arts & Seizures we’re back with episode No. 201 and our very favorite show of the year, the pre-Turkey on-air wine tasting with the great Jean Luc Le Du! We’ll be toasting the holidays and also the memory of our friend Billy Miller who has moved on to the pantheon or rock’n’roll heroes but whose joy and teenage abandon shall never be forgotten. Joining Mike Edison once again is the intrepid Peter Zaremba, who will be mopping up the sauce with the usual alacrity and humor… find out what you should be imbibing this fall and so much more, Sunday LIVE at 2 PM!!ed-208__92263.1407170358.1280.1280

“Rock ‘n’ roll is a message of optimism, and no one leapt on that more so than Norton Records and Billy and Miriam.” – Mike Edison

“I don’t grab pussy, I worship pussy.” – Mike Edison