This week on Native, host Briana Kurtz is taking listeners to Puerto Rico with Assistant Professor Melissa Fuster from Brooklyn College as a guide!  Kicking off conversation, Melissa shares an overview of what traditional island fare is like, including the importance of pork, dishes and drinks specific to Puerto Rico, the influx of fast food restaurants, and thoughts on nutrition issues concerning obesity and lacking physical activity.  After the break, Briana and Melissa unpack the debt crisis occurring in Puerto Rico by first explaining how Puerto Rico fits within the United States' government.  Tune in for an informative show!

"If you have a meal without meat, in Puerto Rico, it's not considered a meal." [3:40]

"I think mofongo can be one of those things that you can use to distinguish Puerto Rican cuisine from others." [8:00]

"We do have a high rate of obesity. If it's not as high as the U.S. it's almost there." [13:00]

--Melissa Fuster on Native