After lamenting how annoying it was trying to find someone to enjoy a three-hour tasting menu with who was not a girlfriend or partner, pals Alana McMillan and Sabrina Chen created the JaynesBeard Supper Club–a monthly culinary meetup for lesbian and queer women in NYC. JaynesBeard events range from cocktail parties to multi-course plated meals, and feature the talents of up-and-coming, mostly queer and female chefs and bartenders. It’s a return engagement for one of our favorite bands, Grim Streaker. The Brooklyn five-piece was formed in 2016, and have earned critical acclaim and a dedicated following for their loud, frenetic punk sound which harkens to the likes of the Adolescents, the Dead Boys, X-Ray Spex and Fugazi. They join us in-studio to share their debut album, No Vision.

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