On a special interview, Leah Eden chats with stage director Barbara Bosch and actor Mark Ringer about a new play called FOODACTS. FOODACTS is a culinary stage adventure which explores our primal connections to food and its power to unite. Through an entertaining encounter with established novels, colorful poetry, historic essays, personal letters and other literary works by Langston Hughes, Proust, Homer, and Dickens, among others, FOODACTS serves up the joys of food and eating. It goes beyond the mere palate, revealing how human beings relate to and obsess over food from as far back as The Bible to today. Tune in and get an inside look at the work that went into making the play possible, and find out why Barbara was so inspired by food in the first place.

“There are points in the piece that are about the fun and sense of community and connection that happens over the table.” 09:00

“I think the audience will come away hungry and immediately go to a restaurant in the neighborhood!” 17:00

“The humanity of sitting around a table transcends a specific culture – every culture has those moments.” 25:00

–Barbara Bosch, director of FOODACTS on HeritageRadioNetwork.org