It’s the debut of Radio Cherry Bombe! Host Julia Turshen welcomes us to the first episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, which brings the pages of Cherry Bombe Magazine to life via conversation with some of the most interesting women in the world of food. The inaugural guests are Kate Brashares, Executive Director of Edible Schoolyard NYC, and Diane Yen of The Jewels of New York, a multidisciplinary creative studio that combines the love of cooking with the beauty of everyday things. First — Kate gives listeners insight into the mission of Edible Schoolyard and what makes the NYC program so unique. Student response has been extremely positive and Kate explains what makes gardens such a joyous vessel for education. Later on, Julia chats with Diane about the concept behind The Jewels of New York and her upcoming cookbook, A Simple Feast: A Year of Simple Stories and Recipes to Savor and Share. This program was sponsored by Bonnie Plants.



“The kids come home from the edible schoolyard and they’re the ones that make the salad dressing and demand the salad. For the parents to see that is just great.” [07:00]

“We have a lot of staff in each school – we really affect these kids. What we’re looking at in the moment is how we can grow, and adapt our model so we can still give kids this amazing experience but in a most cost effective way so we can reach more kids in New York City.” [11:00]

–Kate Brashares on Radio Cherry Bombe

“If you’re a person who’s concerned with eating seasonally, it can be hard when you’re shooting off-season.” [20:00]

–Diane Yen on Radio Cherry Bombe