It's a packed house for another star-studded episode of Radio Cherry Bombe. Host Julia Turshen is chatting with three incredibly talented chefs - Katy Sparks, Executive Chef at Tavern on the Green as well as Elise Kornack and Anna Hieronimus of Take Root. First - we hear from Katy, who's background includes cooking at NYC institutions like The Quilted Giraffe and Mesa Grill. Find out what it's like cooking at a restaurant that seats 700(!!) and comes with a storied reputation that rivals any other dining establishment in the country. Later - Julia chats with the team at Take Root, a celebrated Brooklyn restaurant featuring a tasting menu in a very unique setting. They discuss operating a business as a couple and the debate surrounding tasting menus in modern dining. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center.



"The A-hah moment for me was dropping out of college and having no skill set - being 19 years old and landing in a restaurant. What I liked about it so much was the camaraderie in the kitchen." [04:00]

"I'm just doing what I do which is largely seasonal/local as a foundation. I create a kitchen that has a lot of direct heat elements. I organized the menu around the cooking medium and designed it to be quick." [11:00]

--Katy Sparks on Radio Cherry Bombe

"We get to do something together that's extremely rewarding and have experiences that other couples don't get to have. It can be stressful but overall it's great." [20:00]

--Anna Hieronimus on Radio Cherry Bombe

"I like to take humble ingredients and introduce them to people in a way they haven't seen." [22:00]

--Elise Kornack on Radio Cherry Bombe