Jamie Schmones Erickson is the owner of Poppy's Catering and Events, which is breathing new life into the idea of what it means to be a catering company. Poppy's has worked with the likes of Stella McCartney, J. Crew, Madewell, and Vogue, providing beautiful, seasonal food and drink for their parties and fashion events. On today's episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, Erickson talks about starting up her company and the values that she brings to her Brooklyn-based business. This program was brought to you by the International Culinary Center.


"It's not just about the good food in this industry, it's about cultivating relationships." [11:00]

"It's not so glamorous seeing food cooked for hundreds of people at a time." [31:00]

"You can have such a great meal and it doesn't have to be stuffy or stale, or many other things that people associate with catering that are often true." [34:00]

--Jamie Schmones Erikson on Radio Cherry Bombe