Travel to North Carolina and the Caribbean on the same episode of Radio Cherry Bombe! Host Julia Turshen is first joined by chef Elizabeth Karmel of Hill Country Barbecue, who talks about her Southern roots and the sentimentality around BBQ and fried chicken. She's gearing up for the Big Apple BBQ and shares some great thoughts on meat and the culture of grilling. Later on, Julia is joined by Suzanne Rousseau, 1/2 of Two Sisters and a Meal, the brainchild of two Jamaican sisters who are business partners, foodies, lovers of world travel, avid cultural explorers, crazy history buffs, adorers of the arts, soul seekers and well known "fetin queens". Learn what's misunderstood about Caribbean cuisine and how the two sisters juggle cookbooks, television and web series and still have time for fun. This show was sponsored by The International Culinary Center.




"Food is the purest form of communication. Instinctively, the way my family communicated was through food." [02:00]

"My job and my life are blurred edges because food and wine are so much fun." [04:00]

"BBQ and fried chicken are foods people are very emotionally connected to see when they take a bite it needs to transport them back [to a memory]" [08:00]

--Elizbaeth Karmel on Radio Cherry Bombe

"Either you take the opportunity and let the door open or you don't." [24:00]

"I think we could represent food in a new way, and that's always what we wanted to do." [27:00]

"We can cook sexy Caribbean food, it doesn't have to be heavy duty stews. We don't eat that way." [27:00]

Suzanne Rousseau on Radio Cherry Bombe