This week on a new 45 minute version of Radio Cherry Bombe , Julia welcomes Katie Carguilo from Counter Culture Coffee and Executive Chef Lisa Giffen. In the first segment, guest Katie shares her experience as the first US Barista Champion from New York City as well as Counter Culture's first national title winner in 2012. Katie is in charge of customer support for Counter Culture Coffee which prides itself in educating the world about all aspects of coffee, from growing to buying to brewing. Later, Julia welcomes Lisa Giffen of Maison Premiere to chat about her background, her journey into the food industry, as well as what her role of Executive Chef at Maison Premiere entails. This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods Market.


"It's good to find out more about the companies and the brands that you want to buy from so you can trust them... It's not about any one coffee, if it's certified organic or if it has a direct trade certification, you should look at the certification requirements for the different coffee companies." [16:34]

-- Katie Carguilo on Radio Cherry Bombe


"Right now I have a menu item that I've brought back beause I really loved it... it was one of the first dishes that was my own: it's asparagus, morels, and poached oysters." [38:50]

-- Lisa Giffen on Radio Cherry Bombe