It's a bittersweet day on The Speakeasy, as hosts Damon Boelte and Sother Teague bid adieu to Heritage Radio Network's Executive Producer Jack Inslee, who's moving to D.C. but staying firmly in the radio world. Just before the goodbye party kicking off in Roberta's own backyard, the glasses were already clinking in the studio as Jack told the story of his career and the network's early days.

Jack Inslee (second from left) and the boys

Jack Inslee (second from right) and the boys, standing in front of the storage containers that house Heritage Radio Network's studio.


"All the people at Heritage, none of them were media trained professionals who were like 'I've got a long career in radio and I'd like to apply for a radio show.' Nah man, we have real f*****g practitioners, like people doing stuff." [06:55] – Jack Inslee

"[Starting at HRN] I didn't know the first thing about the first thing about food or beverage. My idea of a good drink was like, a handle of Maker's. 'Gonna treat myself and get the Maker's, not the Evan Williams.' That was my idea of luxury." [11:07] – Jack Inslee

"This whole network is kind of like free food studies, free culinary studies, you know? Put your time in!" [13:00] – Jack Inslee