with Antonella Manuli (Fattoria La Maliosa)

The challenge of transparency is part of the natural wine mission and can only be achieved by measuring objective parameters. A key issue is the current problem of rising CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere, which must be addressed in the production of natural wine. CO2 emissions can be measured and are a key indicator of the sustainability of a product or winery practices at large. La Maliosa was the first biodynamic farm in Italy to measure its “carbon footprint” in collaboration with the University of Siena (Tuscany).

Join Antonella Manuli, the pioneering powerhouse behind La Maliosa, to find out why and how she decided to turn her farm not only carbon neutral but into a carbon sink, such that today it absorbs more CO2 than it creates. This talk will also feature a tasting of Antonella’s orange wine La Maliosa Bianco, based on the historical variety of Procanico, which Antonella is bringing over specially for the talk.


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