Re-Opening is upon us. Well for some of us at least, and pending for the rest of us. Jenny and I listened this morning to industry leaders, including Thomas Keller, Will Guidara, Sean Feeney and Tim Love, present issues that independent restaurants are facing directly to President Trump. Among those issues were the importance of the PPP loans and the necessity that the usage and term length for forgiveness be adjusted. One thing that all parties in the room agreed on was the importance that restaurants play in our communities. Big or small, restaurants are an integral weave in the fabric of our society and in the pleasures of our life.We need to re-open for the economy sure, but also for the greater part of who we are, how we behave and how we interact with each other, we need to reopen for us. Excited to welcome back previous OS Guest Steven Satterfield of Miller Union in Atlanta, Ga. Steven is in fact Re-Opening Soon, very soon in fact  likely on June 1st, after being closed for almost 2 months. The restaurant he reopens will no doubt be a different one that was closed in March after over 10 years of service. But how will it be different? How will the guests perceive the changes? When will they come and what will they ask for?

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