This week’s featured farmer on Greenhorns Radio is Rianne de Beer. When Rianne de Beer was asked to come work as a ships cook for -what was supposed to be only- a month on sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres ‘because they really needed one at the time’, little did she know she was going to sail the world for the following two years. This dynamic and organic way of evolving is distinctive for the expanding fleet of Fair Transport. The three bro’s, Andreas, Arjen and Jorne, started the whole project with such power full vision and energy, it is hard not to get swept and sailed away by the ‘Tres Hombres’. Even though the hundred feet long wooden Schoonerbrik Tres Hombres has more soul and sailing spirit then any other ship out there, it is also a vessel to carry the message of Fair Transport: Emission Free Cargo Sailing. During the transatlantic crossing of 2014/2015 Rianne was cooking three deserving meals for the fifteen hungry sailors in any kind of weather condition. With only a humble gas stove, no electricity or running water and a limited budget, it was a challenging task to endure. Not only at sea but also at port where provisions had to be purchased. Sailing to remote area’s madeRianne realize that at some places you can’t always get what you want, but more suprisingly at other places where you least expected it, you could. The huge pressure the consumers demand were painfully visible in the strain put upon the local eco system of the visited islands. Rianne de Beer is currently continuing to raise awareness of the importance and effects of consuming behavior in her hometown of Rotterdam. Graduated a BSc in Art Therapy in Leiden and a BSc in Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam, Rianne makes use of art and cultural platforms to spread the message of Fair Transport.