Andrew finds himself torn at the outset of our Season 1 finale. On the one hand, he has a hugely entertaining guest--chef/author/podcaster/personality Richard Blais. On the other, this is the week that one of the biggest chefs in the country left the spotlight after a slew of sexual harassment allegations. So Andrew and Caitlin try to make sense of that news and how a (male) writer can help, then abruptly shift gears to celebrate the season and dive into Andrew's interview with Richard. The two of them discuss just about everything, from Richard's Long Island childhood, to his time working at The French Laundry, Daniel, and el Bulli, to opening his own places, and finding stardom on Top Chef. They also compare notes on podcasting (Richard's Starving for Attention debuted just a few months before this show), cookbook writing, and pre-video game entertainment.

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