Nowadays, working in the food world does not equal a private life. Chefs are no longer chained to their stoves, critics have lost their anonymity, and writers can't hide behind their computer screens. Instead, we all charge our Instagram posts and Twitter feeds with salacious words and images, paired with hashtags that will get us even more exposure. But how does this affect dating and finding love? On today's show, Jacqueline and Ben discuss how exploring relationships on Love Bites is affecting their emotional hunt for something real, and how Jacqueline describes what she does to prospective dates without giving too much away, since she's unavoidably oh-so-Google-able. Then the team is joined by Leiti Hsu, the host of Heritage's Word of Mouth and a culinary connector who's gone beyond food writing to connect big brands and startups with people in the hospitality field. How does she navigate dating when she travels so much, and spends a vast majority of her time with food royalty? Finally, the team shares something they read / ate / drank / saw and listened to this week in the dating and food fields,all the while sipping an American-made Brut from Gruet - a French family of winemakers in New Mexico - sent over by David and Michael Robinov of Farm to Table, an online specialty market bringing the best of local, small-batch and artisan products right to your door. Have a listen.

Leiti Hsu