On today's episode of THE FOOD SEENJulia Sherman, an artist in her own rite, muses through candid conversations about people's creative procesess, strikingly similar to how we talk to chefs about composing dishes. Her blog turned book "Salad for President", documents the likes of photographer William Wegman (and his famed Weimaraners) while making Charoset, how to transpose leftover lettuce to breakfast tacos with Alice Waters, what belongs to be eaten out of a bowl with Yui Tsujimura, a ceramicist from Nara, Japan, and how a Mizuna Salad with Konbu Tea Dressing tacitly comes from one of the loudest bands you've ever heard. There are also Sherman's salads, which range in reference to her travels throughout Mexico, Austria, countryside France and even backyard barbecues (Soft Eggs Avocado Radish and Peanut-Pasilla Salsa, Toast with Styrian Black Pumpkin Seed Oil and Parsley Mint Salad, Sardine Niçoise, Grilled Peach Panzanella with Almond Essence and Purple Basil). Sherman shows us that a salad can reflect our innate sense of the world, nourishing us while also giving us much food for thought.


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*photo by Emily Wren

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"An artist is not defined by the things that they make." – Julia Sherman