The daughter of a foreign correspondent and a food writer, Sara Jenkins grew up all over the Mediterranean, eating her way through its cultures and learning to cook. She began her kitchen under with Todd English at Figs in Boston, then went on to work as a chef in Florence and in the Tuscan countryside, as well as on the Caribbean island of Nevis, before returning to the United States.

In September 2008, Sara opened Porchetta, a storefront in the East Village focusing on the Italian roasted pork, typically sold as street food. Her brick and mortar Porchetta has been wildly successful, receiving a four-star review from New York Magazine. In November 2010, Sara opened Porsena, where she draws on her Tuscan and Roman childhood with a pasta-centric menu. As Mario Batali put it, “She’s one of the few chefs in America who understands Italy and how Italians eat.”

Tune in to hear all about Sara's childhood living around the world, her path to the professional kitchen, and more delectable details from her life-long relationship with Italy.