On today's show we welcome writer and television producer/ director/ showrunner Scottie Jeanette Madden. Scottie joins us to talk about her beautiful love story with her late wife Marcy. Scottie and Marcy were married just shy of 30 years before Marcy passed away from a 9 year battle with ovarian cancer. We discuss caregiving, her transitioning, cooking, and ultimately, the meaning of true love. Their story is tender and beautiful, and we were honored to have Scottie share some of the details of a decades long love story. Scottie is the author of “Getting back to me, from girl to boy to woman in just 50 years” and “ Recklass in the kitchen. A year of light, laughter, love, and oh- food!” and Marcy is the author of “Just because my husband’s a woman. Marcys side of the story”. Scottie is an activist and incredibly powerful public speaker. Please check out her TedX talk here https://www.zuzubean.com/ted-talk.html . Learn more about Scottie by checking out her website https://www.zuzubean.com/

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