It began as a little blog highlighting the recipes and crafts of the Norwegian-born food and prop stylist Paul Lowe. Six years later, Sweet Paul is an online magazine followed by millions and a print quarterly sold nationwide in specialty stores. Now — Paul Lowe is a published author, as Sweet Paul Eat and Make: Charming Recipes and Kitchen Crafts You Will Love hits stores April 2014. On this week’s episode of Sharp & Hot, Emily Peterson chats with Paul Lowe himself. Hear him read excerpts from the book, discuss his childhood and how he finds his inspirations. This program was sponsored by Le Creuset.

“I get my best ideas in the bathtub. I keep a stack of notebooks and pens by the bathtub… and I take very long baths! Everything is so fast today – people expect you to respond to emails in 5 minutes or they get upset. I like to leave my phone outside, take a bath, relax and think.” [19:00]

–Paul Lowe on Sharp & Hot