It's the Lady Butcher Show! This week on Sharp & Hot, host Emily Peterson is joined by two bad-ass butchers that also happen to be ladies - Melissa Khoury of Saussicon in Cleveland and Emilie Frolich of the Heritage Meat Shop in New York City. Tune in and learn how they both got into butchering as a career and what it's like breaking down animals for a living. Can cutting up animal parts be considered "zen"? According to Melissa, the answer is yes! From bonesaws to breeds, from sausage to slaughterhouses - get the full scoop on animal butchery from two ladies who know what's what when it comes to meat. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market

"Butchering is simple. You look at a whole hog and there's this beautiful road map of fat that shows you where to cut. For me, it's my zen. I could sit in front of a pig all day long and not even know that anything else is going on around me." [08:00]

--Melissa Khoury on Sharp & Hot

"When it comes to genetics there's a lot of things to consider but usually older breeds have been perpetuated because they are relatively easy to take of and they respond to predation much better. They have instincts, they are much better animals." [18:00]

--Emilie Frolich on Sharp & Hot