Ray Venezia: Get ready for the grilling tips to end all grilling tips! On a meaty episode of Sharp & Hot, Emily Peterson is joined by master butcher Ray Venezia, formerly of Fairway Market and now with Master Purveyors. He gives listeners some incredible grilling tips for summer, breaks down the differences between butchers and meat cutters and shares some of the insights he's gained in his long and storied career. If you like to cook meat - you need to listen to this show! This program was sponsored by Rolling Press.

"When you're grilling, if you have a fork throw it away. don't ever poke your meat with a fork and let that delicious juice get away. You want to use BBQ tongs. Another big tip - only flip once. Timing is very important." [05:00]

"When the top surface of your burger starts browning - it's time to flip it." [07:00]

--Ray Venezia on Sharp & Hot