Barton Seaver and Christian Puglisi: This week on Sharp & Hot, Emily Peterson is joined by two thought leaders in the world of food - Barton Seaver and Christian Puglisi. First hear from Barton, a National Geographic Fellow and Washington, D.C. chef. He is an influential voice in the culinary world because of his take on seafood and sustainability. In his first book, For Cod and Country, Seaver introduced an entirely new kind of casual cooking featuring seafood that hasn't been overfished or harvested using destructive methods. Now he's taking on a whole new audience: Kids, with his new book National Geographic Cookbook. Later on, hear from Christian Puglisi, the Copenhagen chef at Relæ and author of Relae, A Book of Ideas..

"I think we have a responsibility to support the fisheries that are operating legally under the laws we created." [07:00]

"Americans eat 14-15 pounds of seafood per person per year. We eat 204 pounds of beef per person." [09:00]

"When we're having fun cooking we're most often using fresh and raw ingredients - that's a great start." [13:00]

--Barton Seaver on Sharp & Hot