What's the correct way to control your sugar craving? Chef Emily Peterson tells us how on today's episode of Sharp & Hot - learn why choosing one delicious piece of real, wholesome food, is much more satisfying than 15 pieces of store bought sugar cookies. Also find out why choosing whole milk over skim milk offers far more health benefits, contrary to what many people think when buying their milk. Lastly and as always, Emily answers your questions on today's show. Find out which kitchen appliances are essential in any home, what kind of pans Emily uses in her own home, and which cookbook has become one of Emily's favorites. This program has been sponsored by Underground Meats.

"If you are eating something real that came from the earth, you will tend to eat a lot less of it." [10:45]

"I always take cookbooks out of the library first, so I could try their recipes." [28:30]

-- Emily Peterson on Sharp & Hot