Leanne Brown. This week on Sharp and Hot Anne Hogan, while sending her best wishes to Emily on the west coast, interviews Leanne Brown, the author of Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day. She tells us about the inception of Good and Cheap, and how she didn't want the book to have a stigma of "cooking for poor people." Leanne then tells us some of her favorite ingredients and how we can improve our cooking skills in some of the easiest ways. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center .

"You don't have to be a chef to make beautiful food and make it taste awesome... it just takes a little practice." [10:20]

"Think of a few meals that you know to be healthy and focus on that...It's yours, and you should be happy to eat the food you make." [12:50]

-- Leanne Brown on Sharp and Hot