Pop-Up Entrepreneur: Sam Saverance of Bunna Cafe AND Laura Theodore, The Jazzy Vegetarian. This week on Sharp and Hot Emily Peterson and Anne Hogan interview Laura Theodore or “The Jazzy Vegetarian,” musician, actor, chef, and lover of vegetables. Laura first tells us about her grandmother who inspired her to cook, she talks about her grandmother’s method of making food not only taste, but look beautiful as well. To transition into the break Laura sings a song that she recorded with guitarist Joe Beck. When Emily and Anne come back they interview Sam Saverance of the new Bunna Cafe. The cafe is centered around Ethiopian cuisine, Sam tells us about some of the work he did in Ethiopia and how Bunna Cafe started. This program was sponsored by Brooklyn Slate Company.

“My grandmother always made her food look beautiful, and that is what I sought to do.” [12:00]

“I wouldn’t say there are cons when starting a restaurant, but it really is a rush to start a pop-up.” [26:00]

Laura Theodore and Sam Saverance on Sharp and Hot