This week on Sharp and Hot Emily and Anne interview, judge on The Food Network's: Cutthroat Kitchen, Simon Majumdar about his recent publication "Fed, White, and Blue." They discuss his book tour across the US and the various stops they will be making, cooking at Emily's house in New Jersey, the exciting nature of cooking on TV, and what its like to be famous. After the station break Emily and Anne come back for and interview with Jacob Ehrenkrona, the pioneer of Martin Millers Gin, about one of the most important ingredients in Gin production, water. This program was sponsored by Bonnie Plants.

"If I ever say I had a long bad day on set, I tell my wife to slap me...and she would." [10:00]

"Lets make the perfect worst case, we drink it ourselves." [21:00]

-- Simon Majumdar and Jacob Ehrenkrona on Sharp and Hot