This week on Sharp and Hot the studio is packed with what Emily and Anne call their peanut gallery. Emily's students join them in the studio for todays discussion with Chef James Kelly and Keith Beavers, about Keith's restaurant IN VINO, located in the east village. Keith tells us first about his weekly wine classes that he uses to educate New Yorkers, creating positive social experiences in a restaurant, and then chef James tells us about his recipe for Italian shrimp and grits. In depth talks about creative inspiration, making jokes into food, and how awesome grapes are, all this week on Sharp and Hot . This program was brought to you by Bonnie Plants.

"How do I actually make pasta salad cool?" [25:00]

"A restaurant should be fun, active, the music, highly want hip hop? We got that!" [26:00]

-- James Kelly and Keith Beavers on Sharp and Hot