This week on Sharp and Hot Emily starts the show by telling us about a camping trip she went on where she had some interesting experiences with wolves, as well as an update on her sourdough starter. After the break Emily and Anne come back for an interview with cookbook author, Jill Donenfeld, for a discussion about her new book Better on Toast. Jill tells us about her previous books and why writing each was a very strange process for her, as well as how she came to the conclusion to write a cookbook with only recipes for food on toast. This program was brought to you by Bonnie Plants.

"Its about writing something where there is going to be a wide might not find a lot of people to put their money behind certain things, but toast, I think we all kinda like that." [22:00]

"I always kind of default to mayo, its like this secret that just always wows people." [27:00]

-- Jill Donenfeld on Sharp and Hot