Casey Barber & Pierogi Love!: Have you ever heard of a pierogi made with pretzel dough? This week on Sharp & Hot, Casey Barber is back to talk to host Emily Peterson about her new book Pierogi Love, where she takes the classic Polish pierogi dough and stuffs it with unconventional fillings unlike anything you've ever tasted before. She brought in some samples to try in the studio today including a mint and pea pierogi, a breakfast pierogi, and a Nutella pierogi which were all delicious! Tune in for Casey's complete interview, some conversation about a new study about how cheese can prevent heart disease, and Phillip Gilmour, owner of MoMo Sushi on the phone talking about a new law requiring restaurants to freeze fish before serving it raw. This program was brought to you by Bonnie Plants.

"[Pierogi] is just another word for how the eastern Europeans do dumplings." [17:00]

"Finally I got that perfect ratio [for the pretzel pierogi].... which is surprisingly close to cheez-it dough!" [29:00]

--Casey Barber on Sharp & Hot