Chef Angie Mar. This week on Sharp & Hot Emily Peterson sits down with Angie Mar, the executive chef of the Beatrice Inn. The Beatrice Inn, a restaurant located in the West Village, was opened by the editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, and has been under Angie's control for the past year and a half. In Angie's cooking, she plays a lot with masculinity and femininity by pairing savory meaty flavors with more sweet fruity flavors. On today's show Angie talks about all the cool events that she will be cooking at in Nicaragua!

"I really like the aspects of sweet and savory together. It's a cool idea to have these beautiful large hunks of meat balanced out with something lighter and brighter and more feminine. That's a lot of what we play with in the kitchen." [17:00] --Angie Mar

--Angie Mar on Sharp & Hot