This week on Beer Sessions Radio Jimmy is joined by Jamie Adams to discuss an expedition by Saint James Brewery to rescue old beer bottles from an 1886 shipwreck. Jamie is accompanied in the studio by the team of divers he has worked with over the past several years: Captain Patrick Rooney, Captain Andy Favata, and Captain John Bricker. Not only have these divers discovered a number of bottles still perfectly intact, but Saint James Brewery has extracted the yeast from those beers to create new brews. Beer writer, Pete Brown calls in from the U.K. to offer his historical expertise on what beers this team may have discovered. As these guests share stories about how they got involved in this project and pose questions about how to continue their exploration going forward, they enjoy the fruits of their labor – three ales with yeast dating back over 100 years.

Beer List: English Pale Ale Test Batch, Saint James Brewery Fleur de Lees, Saint James Brewery Deep Ascent Pale Ale, Saint James Brewery.

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