In 2009, the percentage of single women in the United States rose above 50% for the first time in history. The median age of first marriages dramatically rose from twenty and twenty-two years old--which it had been steadily for centuries to the 1980s--to twenty-eight. Beyonce's singing about it, countless books celebrate it, and women are living proudly independent more and for longer than ever.

Being a single woman in today's world can be empowering! Or, it's just life! Or... it can be really hard.

On today's show, Jacqueline is joined in the studio by fellow media ladies Jen Doll, Erin Fairbanks, and Lindsey Rupp, to discuss the intricacies of moving through the world solo. Then, returning guests Jamie Feldmar and Jane Alison and Lonely Hour Podcast host Julia Bainbridge join via some audio tracks, which the in-studio ladies listen to and share: How does being single affect our social interactions during weddings and holidays? Our fiercely ambitious creative work lives? And what would out lives look like if we choose to forgo love... indefinitely?

Have a listen as one seriously dynamic group of ladies hashes it all out.

Single and Fabulous

Single and Fabulous Ladies

"In fact, survival depends upon us being selfish. And people who are in relationships are also selfish. So, I don't like the way that 'selfish' gets used. Women are using 'selfish' as a thing to tell them what's wrong with them yet again, and it's not our's part of a cultural dialogue." – Jen Doll