Today's Snacky Tunes is all about summer cocktails! Darin and Greg Bresnitz are joined in the studio by David Kaplan and Alex Day, co-owners of Proprietors LLC and the bar/restaurant Demi Monde. Also in the studio is Duane Fernandez Jr., bartender at ACME on Great Jones Street. David, Alex, and Duane discuss some of their favorite refreshing summer cocktails, and the best places to consume them during the hot summer months. Duane mixes some drinks on air while Wallpaper. provides some live accompaniment. Hear about the origin of the Snacky Tunes theme song (and a great live rendition), and transitioning from playing shows in basements to being featured at Coachella. This program has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"I've been hanging out making cocktails for about seven years- just trying to learn as much as possible, make sure people have a good time, and trying and put my creativity in a glass." -- Duane Fernandez Jr. on Snacky Tunes