Greg Bresnitz is back from Spain, and he's here on Snacky Tunes, live from the back of Roberta's. On this episode, Greg is talking with Josh Russ Tupper of Russ and Daughters in the Lower East Side. Hear about how Josh left his job making semiconductors in California to take over his family's business, his choice in knives, and how the Lower East Side has changed since his childhood. Tune in to hear about Russ and Daughter's upcoming Herring Pairing event, as well as some of the new products that are flying off the shelves at the shop. 2:54 is in the studio, on tour from the U.K. Check out some of their songs live on the show, and hear about their love of Mexican food. This episode has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"There's so many customers, where ever they move, whenever they come back- sometimes right off the plane- they come and get their sandwich. It's really nostalgic, but it holds a really special place in a lot of people's hearts." -- Josh Russ Tupper on Snacky Tunes