Welcome to another episode of Snacky Tunes, hosted by Finger on the Pulse, Greg and Darin Bresnitz. On today's show, the team from Maharlika NYC is in the studio. Maharlika is the first restaurant in NYC to push Filipino food as a unique cuisine, and we're joined by chef Miguel Trinidad, along with Enzo Lim, Noel Cruz, and Nicole Ponseca. Hear about how they've maintained the flavors of Filipino food, but also moved away from the one-pot dish. Recently featured as a Timeout New York "Critics' Choice", and profiled by the Huffington Post and NBC, Marharlika is not a spot to miss. Also in the studio is Reggie Watts, musician and comedian known for his work with Conan O'Brien, and his Comedy Central Special, Why Shit So Crazy? Reggie plays some incredibly intricate and funny improv songs that he creates with synthesizers, loop pedals, and his vocal chords. So tune in to check out this great episode of Snacky Tunes! This episode has been sponsored by Tekserve.



"If anything, the dishes tend to be one-note dishes. If it's sweet, it has a heavy sweet note. The idea is that in the Philippines, we don't eat just one dish, there's many dishes on the table. So you eat a little sweet, you eat a little sour, and of course all of our condiments."

"When we set out to do this we wanted to go big or go home... we wanted to get Filipino food out there, finally." -- Nicole Ponseca of Maharlika on Snacky Tunes

"Weird Al is amazing, he's the reason I'm doing what I am doing." -- Reggie Watts on Snacky Tunes