On this week's Snacky Tunes, Greg Bresnitz is once again without Darin, but is instead joined by a group of awesome guests. Alessia and Allegra Antinori stop by the studio to talk with Greg about Marchesi Antinori's SoHo pop-up dinner event. Cantinetta Antinori will be at Mondorian SoHo from Oct. 3rd - 6th, so get your tickets while you still can! Alessia and Allegra talk about the Italian wine terroir, and why their wines hold deep nostalgic meanings for them. Later, Amanda from Other Music joins Greg in the studio to talk about the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair on Saturday, Oct. 6th. Hear about the labels, the DJs, and the food that's going to be available at this special event at the Smorgasburg location. Beacon plays live in studio; tune in to hear Beacon talk with Greg and Amanda about working with record labels, and dads learning to cook. This episode has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"Antinori represents our family because there's a lot of tradition, and 600 years of history in our family. Also it represents innovation, because we made a lot novel wine in the 1970s." 10:00 -- The Antinori Sisters on Snacky Tunes