Greg Bresnitz is joined on this episode of Snacky Tunes by Mark Andrew Gravel, author of Kill the Recipe. Mark is a bean enthusiast, connoisseur, and promoter, and his new book is a how-to guide to show you how to make a great pot of beans. Tune in to hear Mark talk about his love for red cowpeas, the design of the cookbook, and why simplicity goes a long way when cooking beans. Why did Mark decide to self-publish Kill the Recipe? Tune in and find out! Later, Takka Takka plays some tunes from their new record. Hear about their long history as a band, the reason for their hiatus, and the instrumentation and arrangement on the new album! Check out Takka Takka at the Ernest Jenning CMJ showcase! This program has been sponsored by Tekserve.

"The spices and herbs page is the foundation of each cuisine's flavor profile, so it gives you the basic spices and herbs that are used in various cuisines- Italian, North African, and various Latin cuisines. It's meant to give you ideas." [17:49] -- Mark Andrew Gravel on Snacky Tunes