Welcome to a very special episode of Snacky Tunes in honor of the CMJ Music Marathon 2012. Darin and Greg Bresnitz get the show started off with some music from Slam Donahue. Tune in to hear about the band's introduction to Cantora Records, and their old drive filled with hundreds of songs. Hear about their favorite foods from their hometown in Connecticut. Charles Grantham stops by from the Food Film Festival to explain the concept of the event. Later, he goes into the juicy details of food porn! George Motz, the founder of the Food Film Festival, calls in to talk about what's new for this year's event. Hear about Sunday's oyster roast, and what it means to George and his family culture. This episode has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"The side of your brain that appreciates sexual pornography also enjoys food and food pornography." [46:00] -- George Motz on Snacky Tunes