On this week's episode of Snacky Tunes, Greg Bresnitz is joined in the studio by Matt Burns, one of the founders of The Brooklyn Salsa Company. Hear about the beginnings of the company, and why salsa compliments music so well. How did The Brooklyn Salsa Company break out of the world of small-batch artisanal producers and become a national brand? Hear why Matt thinks that heirloom tomatoes are key to his salsa's flavor. Later, Conveyor stops by to play some of their songs. Hear the band talk about Gainesville food and why Cuban food in New York City just doesn't compare. This episode has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"Using fresh ingredients is another one of those difficult challenges because other salsas that we compete with use dehydrated ingredients." [25:00]

-- Matt Burns on Snacky Tunes