This week on Snacky Tunes, Greg Bresnitz recaps the year in food and drink with none other than Michael Whiteman and his wife, acclaimed food writer Rozanne Gold. Michael Whiteman, president of the renowned Joseph Baum & Michael Whiteman Company, is considered this country's leading food and restaurant consultant. Tune in to get the low down on the trends you may have missed including the Peruvian food explosion, the growth of the artisanal cocktail movement and labeling regulations. If you're a foodie this is a must listen! This program was sponsored by 360 Cookware.

"It used to be if you wanted ethnic cuisine you'd have to go to some ethnic enclave or barrio, but that's not true anymore. These flavors and cuisines are moving into mainstream America." [08:32]

"The most interesting part of what's happening with food in America today is in the low end of the market you're finding people putting together ingredients that your grandmother would never have considered eating on the same plate." [10:32]

"I think that bars in the next year will be the most fascinating place to look for food trends. There is a rise in this country of a whole new bartender and bar culture that leans towards natural, artisan [tendencies]. It's farm to bar as opposed to farm to table." [19:00]

--Michael Whiteman of Whiteman & Baum on Snacky Tunes