Beer, bourbon, and barbecue- what could be better? Pat Fondiller, the New York Field Manager for Smuttynose, is in the studio sharing some brews with Darin Bresnitz on Snacky Tunes. Hear Pat talk about his introduction to craft beer out in California, and learn about Smuttynose's new brewery plans. Hear about the Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ Festival, and how Smuttynose will be represented at the fest. Later, MC Todd raps and talks about running a business. Listen in to hear the Roberta's owner talk about starting a pizzeria, and his lifelong love affair with hip hop. MC Todd talks about New York rent, and why you should never settle for a boring corporate job. This program has been sponsored by Tekserve.

"Who's going to change the face of food? Dudes like us - we're just regular dudes. There was no pretense, we were just dudes who cared." [52:15] -- MC Todd on Snacky Tunes